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01 Nov

Germany National Football vs. France National Football

Germany National Football vs. France National Football  There are few rivalries in international football with as much history, passion, and significance as the games between the German and French national teams. The defining moments, spectacular showdowns, and unforgettable meetings that have characterized this passionate rivalry are explored in depth in this article’s timeline.

Before World War II broke out, a rivalry blossomed between Germany and France on the football field. Both countries have a long football history, and in recent years, this rivalry has manifested itself on the field in intense games marked by fierce displays of national pride.

Rebirth After the War

After the war, football changed, and the competition between Germany and France grew more intense. Rising tensions were fanned by the emergence of legends like Just Fontaine for France and Fritz Walter for Germany.

West Germany won the 1954 World Cup.

This rivalry reached a turning point at the 1954 FIFA World Cup, held in Switzerland. The quarterfinals pitted France against West Germany, captained by the famous Fritz Walter. The match finished in an exciting 3-3 draw, with West Germany eventually progressing after a replay.

Another thrilling episode in this rivalry occurred at the 1982 European Championships. The semifinal encounter between France and West Germany was a nail-biter. The Germans were crushed when France won the match in a penalty shootout.

1986 World Cup: Divine Providence

The quarterfinal match at the 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico will become one of the greatest in the sport’s annals. In the quarterfinals, France faced Germany, and thanks to a goal by Diego Maradona, famed as the “Hand of God,” Argentina eliminated England.

France won the 1998 World Cup.

A turning point in this rivalry was the 1998 FIFA World Cup, which France hosted. The home team, headed by Zinedine Zidane, beat Brazil in the championship game, a historic triumph that left Germany wondering what could have been.

2016 Euro: A Generational Shift

The competition has only intensified in the modern era. The semifinals of Euro 2016 saw France and Germany face a battle, showcasing the skills of the next generation of football stars like Antoine Griezmann and Manuel Neuer. France made it to the final and ended up winning.

Confrontations of Late

France and Germany have met frequently in recent years, especially in the UEFA Nations League. These matches, loaded with star-studded lineups and tactical skirmishes, show the lasting attraction of this rivalry.


Germany National Football vs. France National Football reflects the rich history and lasting intensity of this footballing animosity. This epic tale of rivalry and friendship between these two footballing powerhouses spans the whole history of the sport, from its earliest days to the present day.

She frequently Asked:

Who scored the most goals between Germany and France?

Michel Platini has scored the most goals in this rivalry, with nine in six games.

How many FIFA World Cup matches have Germany and France played against each other?

As of the end of the 2022 tournament, Germany and France will have met six times in the FIFA World Cup.

In your opinion, which game between Germany and France stands out the most?

One of the most exciting matches ever played was the semifinal at the 1982 World Cup between these two teams.

To what extent have certain players impacted recent games between Germany and France?

Key players in recent matches have been Kylian Mbappé for France and Joshua Kimmich for Germany.

Which team has a better record in this rivalry, Germany or France?

The competitive nature of this rivalry is heightened by the fact that both clubs have won a similar number of head-to-head encounters.

Germany National Football  vs. France National Football

Germany National Football vs. France National Football

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