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09 Jan

adultism: A Hidden Social Issue

adultism: A Hidden Social Issue Despite its importance, is often disregarded in a world where social justice issues take center stage.  the discrimination against young people, merits our attention just as much as racism, sexism, and ageism. This essay will explore the meaning of  its effects, and potential solutions.

The Meaning of Adulthood

When young people are treated negatively because of their age, we call this  It happens when adults treat young people with contempt and disregard their ideas and perspectives. At its heart, adultism is the idea that adults are inherently better than children and know what’s best for them.

adultism Repercussions

The impact of on children and teenagers can be devastating. A lack of self-confidence, helplessness, and stunted personal and social growth are all possible outcomes. Long-term, it can adversely affect young people’s mental health by giving them a feeling of helplessness.

Attributes of an Adult

The failure of adults to value the thoughts and feelings of young people.

Unjust regulations: imposing restrictions on youth without giving them a voice in policymaking.

We are using condescending or dismissive language among young people.

A belief that all young people are the same and making broad assumptions about them because of their age.

Learning for adultism

The educational system is one of the significant places where may be found. Examples include:

  • Faculty and administration are brushing aside student concerns.
  • Enforcing blanket policies.
  • Failing to incorporate students in decision-making.

Workplace adulthood

“adulting” has now spread from the workplace to the classroom. Younger workers are frequently subjected to ageism, a lack of advancement possibilities, and contempt from their more seasoned coworkers and superiors. This can limit their ability to advance in their field and reduce their happiness at work.

Media-induced Matureness adultism

Media portrayals are crucial to the maintenance of  As a result, negative stereotypes and false beliefs about young people persist. The way society views young people may change as a result of this.

Confronting Adulthood adultism

Adultism is a problem that needs a collective response from society. Some approaches are listed below.

Acknowledging the problem and teaching older and younger generations about consequences are essential first steps.

Encourage young people to have their voices heard, participate in community decision-making, and get active in extracurricular activities to empower them.

Legal Implications: Anti-discrimination statutes should be in place to safeguard young people against prejudice in a variety of situations.

Examples of adultism

The focus here is on youth-run organizations where young people play a significant role in policymaking.

Partnerships between adults and young people are both productive and mutually beneficial.

Consequences of the Mind adultism

Anxiety, despair, and a feeling of helplessness are just some mental health problems young people may experience due to adopting an adult mindset. The first step in solving the problem is to acknowledge these consequences.

A Way Out of the Cycle

The battle against is never over. Adults may stop the cycle by interacting with youth, listening to their concerns, and including them in decision-making.


adultism is a severe societal problem that cannot be disregarded in a just and equitable society. By learning about its effects, spotting its warning signs, and taking measures to prevent it, humanity can foster an atmosphere where young people feel respected, heard, and given agency.


One, how does adultism affect young people in the long run?

A lack of self-confidence, helplessness, and stunted growth are all possible outcomes of adultism.

How can we prevent adult influence in classrooms?

The best way for schools to counteract  is to give students a voice in school matters, address student concerns, and establish equitable policies.

Does adultism violate any laws?

Although age discrimination is illegal in many settings, no particular laws prohibit 

How can older people give youth more agency?

Adults may give them agency by involving youth in decision-making, giving them a voice, and providing them with opportunities to develop.

What impact does the media have in maintaining adultism?

The media has the power to shape public opinion, and when it presents young people in poor light or reinforces stereotypes, it helps to keep adult values in place.


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